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Proudly Angolan-owned, we're members of ACEPA and LEEA, with a proven track record of excellence.

Certex Angola is more than a company. We're a community of professionals dedicated to providing the best lifting products and services in Angola. Our commitment to local industry and workforce development sets us apart. Learn more about our journey, our values, and our commitment to safety and quality.

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Angolan Expertise

100% Angolan-owned since 2008. Committed to local industry development and regulations.


Comprehensive Lifting Solutions

One-stop solution for lifting equipment. Sales, rentals, inspection, repairs, and more.

Quality Assurance and Certification

Adherence to international standards. Safety, quality, and reliability in every product and service.

Customized and Flexible Offerings

Tailored products and services. Meeting unique requirements with customization and flexibility.

Proven Track Record with Major Operators

Trusted by ExxonMobil and other major operators. A decade of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Innovative Training and Technical Support

In-house and external training courses. Empowering teams with safe and efficient operations.